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Lifegard Aquatics 19-1/2 inch Micron Cartridge CL-19

Lifegard Aquatics 19-1/2 inch Micron Cartridge CL-19

Lifegard Aquatics

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Filtration is a very important process for any aquarium system. A filter system ensures that dangerous toxins don't accumulate in the water and help to prevent health risks for your fish life . In a natural world, there are no mechanical filters or devices. It uses biological filters. Undigested food, decaying fish/plant life or fish excrement all accumulate in the water. However, they get attacked by bacteria which break downs the harmful ammonia and other harmful chemicals into less harmful but useful compounds. This chemical compounds are then absorbed by plants as fertilizers. Plants are eaten by fish and it starts the whole process again. In the natural world, it is clean, seamless and integrated. There's no need for mechanical filtration system,  this doesn't work in an artificial ecosystem like an aquarium, so you have to use a specially designed filtration system. This filter makes sure that it removes things that you can see like physical debris. So if you are looking for a replacement cartridge for your Lifeguard Aquatics AF-94 unit, try the Lifegard Aquatics 19-1/2 Inch Mircron Cartridge CL-19 R172021. This is specifically designed for your Lifeguard Aquatics AF-94 Double Mechanical Filter so you are guaranteed of a good fit. Don't let your filter cartridge get too saturated because your system will break down.