Two Little Fishies NPX Bioplastics


The Two Little Fishies NPX BioPlastics are pelletized biodegradable polymers that provide a time-released source of food for bacteria that assimilate nitrate and phosphate.

As bacteria develop on the pellet surfaces, excess growth sloughs off due to the tumbling in a fluidized filter, and these bacteria can be removed with a protein skimmer or serve as planktonic food for filter-feeding invertebrates such as corals, clams, and sponges. Anaerobic zones also develop within the pellets, thus promoting denitrification there.

Two Little Fishies


Enhance your aquarium’s water quality with Two Little Fishies NPX Bioplastics, the premium solution for effective nutrient control! Specially designed to reduce excess nutrients like nitrate and phosphate, NPX Bioplastics provide a natural and sustainable way to promote a thriving aquatic environment.

Crafted with high-quality biodegradable polymers, these bioplastics encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria, fostering a healthy balance in your aquarium ecosystem. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, Two Little Fishies NPX Bioplastics efficiently remove impurities and enhance water clarity, creating the optimal conditions for your aquatic friends to flourish.

Easy to use and environmentally friendly, NPX Bioplastics offer a hassle-free solution to maintain water parameters, ensuring the well-being of your marine or freshwater inhabitants. Trust Two Little Fishies for innovation in aquarium care – experience the difference with NPX Bioplastics and elevate your aquarium hobby to new heights!


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Two Little Fishies

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Two Little Fishies
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