Boyd Enterprises Chemi-Pure Bulk Formula for Aquarium, 10-Ounce


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Chemi-pure is the original formula for over 50 years with millions of satisfied customers. It was invented by Dick Boyd in the 1960’s. Chemi-pure combines high grade granular activated carbon with advanced ion exchange resins offering superior filtration for your freshwater, reef, or marine aquarium. Together, this proprietary blend removes odors and color- causing dissolved organic molecules along with toxins, medications, phenols, and dissolved metals. Chemi-pure’s exclusive media formula has an ideal pore size for absorbing nitrogenous wastes and dissolved organics in your aquarium water while being the safest filter media available. Chemi-pure will keep your aquarium healthy, stable, and crystal clear. Keep Chemi-pure sealed in container until ready for use. Rinse lightly under running water then place nylon bag in any external power filter, canister filter, or filter sump. Chemi-pure should be replaced approximately every 3 months depending on bio-load. If more than one Chemi-pure filter bag is used, change one at a time every week until all bags have been replaced. Includes 6 Chemi-pure 10 oz. unit in one bulk pack. Use one 10 oz. bag for up to 50 US gallons.

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Boyd Aquatic Enterprises


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