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Tom Aquatics Stellar S-20 Air Pump

Tom Aquatics Stellar S-20 Air Pump

Tom (Tominaga/Oscar)

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Reliable and Powerful Air Pump, up to 30 gals. This silent, durable air pump will provide many years of trouble-free operation.

TOM Stellar S-20 Silent Air Bubbles Aquarium Air Pump is quiet, compact and long lasting.


  • Pressure: 0.020 MPa (2.9 psi)
  • Air volume: 85.43; 0.05 cu. ft/min; 1.40 l/m; 84.00 l/h
  • Maximum water depth: 69"
  • Power: 3.2W
  • Discharge: standard airline 3/16"
  • Number of outlets: 1
  • Tank volume: Up to 15G