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Novus #3 Acrylic Heavy Scratch Remover, 8 oz

Novus #3 Acrylic Heavy Scratch Remover, 8 oz


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Use Novus #3 Heavy Scratch Remover to remove deep scratches and abrasions that are too severe to be removed with Novus #2. Whether you're removing sanding marks from your acrylic pens, restoring a scratched Corian® countertop, automobile headlamps, motorcycle windshield or an acrylic aquarium, Novus #3 provides the abrasive power to reveal a clean, unblemished surface. Simply use a soft cloth to polish with firm back-and-forth strokes at right angles to the scratches, using plenty of Novus #3. Works with nearly any acrylic material.

  • Restores solid surface countertops, sinks, motorcycle and snowmobile windshields, helmet visors, boat windows, fiberglass, automobile headlamps and interiors, aquariums and other plastic and acrylic products.
  • Removes scratches rather than filling.
  • Not recommended for use on eyeglass lenses, polycarbonate or coated plastics.