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New Life Spectrum Reef Cell 15g

New Life Spectrum Reef Cell 15g

New Life International

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New Life Reef Cell is designed for SPS stony corals and filter feeding invertebrates, with food particle sizes from 400 to 600 microns, with 80% of particles 500 microns or less. This is equivalent to the size of most phytoplankton and zooplankton. The micro-encapsulation process creates a non-polluting, water-stable particle that tends to be neutrally-buoyant in salt water and stays in an aquarium water-column for an extended time. Micro-encapsulation is a process developed in the pharmaceutical industry in which micro-particles of nutrient are embedded in a matrix of water-stable bindere. In the nature, live corals are surrounded by masses of plankton, where the lower nutrient density isn’t a problem. In a home aquarium nutrient density suddenly becomes very critical which is why Reef Cell has been developed the way it has. Reef-Cell has at least ten-times the nutrient density per particle of plankton.