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Innovative Marine Reef Rack - 50
Innovative Marine Reef Rack - 50

Innovative Marine Aqua Gadget Reef Rack - 50

Innovative Marine

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No egg crates, zip ties, or glue - get back to growing frags! your coral frags deserve a home that's built just for them! whether growing out just a few frags, or several hundred, the limitless, multi-tiered reefrack is designed to keep your frag collection neatly stacked, and neatly stored. The reefrack is also a remarkable display that showcases your frags in the most stunning system available. The reefrack is simple - it assembles in seconds requiring no tools, and gives you the freedom of sliding out the expandable shelves which lock in place to keep them from floating away. The reefrack is constructed with cell cast acrylic that is laser cut to guarantee the perfect fit, and has a cleverly designed flow through channel that allows water to freely pass and keep detritus from accumulating. Versatility doesn't stop there. Put your imagination to the test when you mix and match the 3 different reefrack systems, creating your own unique design. Interlock, stack, place back to back; there are virtually unlimited combinations with endless possibilities. So give the corals you care so much about a unique home that is built just for them. Features: cell cast acrylic construction 5 tiers sliding removable shelves 50 holes for frags laser cut flow ports fits most coral frag plugs up to 15mm in diameter patent pending.

  • 50 holes for coral frag plugs / cell cast Acrylic construction
  • 5 tiers /sliding removable shelves
  • Laser cut flow ports / fits most coral frag plugs up to 15Mm in diameter