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Fritz Coppersafe
Fritz Coppersafe

Fritz Coppersafe

Fritz Aquatics

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Coppersafe® is a safe, stable, and non-staining chelated copper concentrate delivering relief from unwelcome parasites. Proves effective treatment and control of Fresh and Saltwater Ich, Fresh and Saltwater Velvet, and other external parasites, including flukes and anchor worms. The long lasting formula only requires one dose to maintain a therapeutic level for up to one month in the aquarium.

Chelated copper treatment for the infections of:

  • Long Lasting Formula - No Repeat Doses Necessary

  • No Need to Adjust Filtration

  • Safe for Use with All Water Conditioners

  • Can Be Used with Other Meds

  • Great for Preventative Use and Quarantine Systems

  • Safe for Fresh and Saltwater Systems