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E.S.V. Potassium Iodide Solution

E.S.V. Potassium Iodide Solution


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Iodide is naturally found in the ocean and considered the most safe and biologically available form of iodine. It is critical for cellular function and the transfer of nutrients within cells.In corals iodine is used in the synthesis of pigments, which allows them to adapt to varying light conditions and provides them with protection from UV radiation. Invertebrates with exoskeletons (such as shrimp and crabs) require iodine for molting and forming new exoskeletons as they grow.

  • Supports health of corals, shrimps, crabs, and other marine life
  • Is an important micro-nutrient for many marine plants
  • May enhance a coral`s ability to adapt to changing light intensity and spectrum
  • Supports molting and formation of new exoskeletons