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Boyd Enterprises Bulk Chemi-Pure for Aquarium, 5-Ounce, 6-Pack

Boyd Enterprises Bulk Chemi-Pure for Aquarium, 5-Ounce, 6-Pack

Boyd Enterprises

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Chemi Pure rapidly filters extra unused nutrients that bacteria consume, halting harmful bacteria accumulation and cleansing your tank.  Aquariums often grow cloudy, dirty or murky as bacteria feed on waste and reproduce.  Chemi Pure removes dissolved organic waste, food and other particulates quickly and safely by filtering them directly from saltwater and freshwater tanks, stopping the bacteria build up.

Chemipure is a simple-to-use filter media perfect for all types of aquatic habitats, and which is manufactured with the newest technologies available. Chemi Pure is inexpensive and worry-free. The nylon filter bag is filled with a premium blend of activated carbons and ion exchange resins. The activated carbons eradicate debris and waste while the ion exchange resins help remove nitrogen (ammonia and nitrate) accumulation which can be detrimental to your fish. Chemi Pure also stabilizes water chemistry while keeping your pH at optimal levels. Its effects are far reaching, another reason why aquarium keepers everywhere have been using it for years to help improve the health of their fish.

Chemi Pure:

·          Maintains a consistent pH

·          Averts fish loss caused by pH fluctuations or unclean water

·          Improves water clarity

·          Promotes positive neurological reactions in fish, imitating a natural environment

·          Takes out dissolved organics

·          Improves fish’s appetite

·          Prevents osmotic shock

·         Lengthens fish life span

·          Removes coppers, metals, odors and phenol