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Blue Life Watercolors Aquarium Background 25x25 Black

Blue Life Watercolors Aquarium

Blue Life USA

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Water Colors Aquarium Background is a pre-cut, high quality material that will give your aquarium a beautiful professional look. Easy One Time Application Adds Visual Depth Improves Lighting Efficiency Eliminates Taping & Re-taping Unaffected by Salt Creep No Messy Toxic Paints Works on Glass and Acrylic Aquariums! Enhance the look of your aquarium! Kit contains: Water Color Background Squeegee Applicator Spray bottle Directions: Prepare a Soap-Water Solution: Prepare a solution by adding 4 drops of normal liquid dish soap (containing no lotions, oils, waxes or enzymes) to the provided spray bottle. Prepare Work Area and Materials: Measure the area you wish to apply background to and cut the background to that measurement. Make sure the work surface, aquarium and surrounding area are properly cleaned to avoid contaminating the background. Even if the aquarium appears clean, it should be cleaned with the spray soap-water solution (make sure aquarium surface is clean of all impurities). *Do not allow background backing to get wet! Applying Water Color Background: Use the spray soap-water solution to wet the aquarium surface you are applying background to. Make sure your work surface and surrounding area are clean and free of contaminates. On a flat surface (like a table or countertop) place the background color side down (keeping the backing parallel to the work surface). Wet the entire adhesive side using the spray soap-water solution. Carefully place the background (adhesive side) to the aquarium surface you are applying to. Lightly squeegee horizontally, working from the center outwards to the left and then to the right. Applying more pressure, continue working the remainder of air and solution out form between the aquarium and the background. Allow 90 minutes for adhesive to set before moving or touching applied background. *Background to be used on outside of aquarium, not in the aquarium.