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AquaForest Alkalinity Test Kit

AquaForest Alkalinity Test Kit


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Aqua Forest marine test kits are designed to quickly and accurately measure the concentration of carbonates and bicarbonates in reef tanks and other marine environments. As corals grow, they intake calcium and carbonate ions and through a biological process forming their hard skeletons. Regular testing of alkalinity levels is significant for any saltwater tank, especially in coral reef tanks, along with calcium and magnesium levels. 



Testing Range - Unlimited

Type of Test - Titration

Total Number of Tests - 78-100 (depending on reagent volume required per test)


What's Included?

1x 3mL Syringe

1x 1mL Syringe

1x Syringe Tip

1x Test Vail

1x Reagent A-KH

1x Reagent B-KH

1x Reference Solution

1x Instruction Card