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Aqua Craft Professional Aquarium Treatment (P.A.T.)16 oz.

Aqua Craft Professional Aquarium Treatment (P.A.T.)16 oz.

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PAT™ neutralizes chlorine and chloramines in tap water.

PAT™ detoxifies heavy metals, adds electrolytes and makes new water safe for all aquatic life.

PAT™ reduces stress, restores and aids in the maintaining the natural protective slime coat on fresh water aquarium & pond fish.

PAT™ should be used when making water changes, during acclimation, transportation and during treatment.

PAT™ does not contain artificial thickeners and will not disrupt biological filters or reduce the effectiveness of various medications.

PAT™ will not alter pH.

Use one cap (6 ml) for each 20 US gallons / 16.6 Imperial gallons / 75L.

16 ounce / 474 ml size for up to 2500 US gallons