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With the Algae Free EasyBlade Scraper Attachment you can convert your Algae Free Float Plus cleaner into an algae scraping machine!
Algae Free EasyBlade Scraper Attachment

Algae Free EasyBlade Scraper Attachment

Algae Free

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The Easy blade Algae Scraper Attachment is compatible with all Algae Free Float Plus cleaners and will make cleaning the hardest of deposits, like coralline algae, a breeze. Just snap the attachment head into your Plus cleaner and you are done! You can now use Easy blade stainless steel replacement blades to clean your glass. It only takes a couple seconds to upgrade your current plus cleaner and you will save tons of time, the next time you clean your aquarium glass panels.

What's Included?

1x Easyblade Scraper Attachment

1x 170mm Easy blade 

1x Easy blade Scraper Attachment Cover


For use with glass aquariums only!