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Algae Free - Acrylic Safe Replacement Pads For Piranha & Hammerhead Float algae magnets

Acrylic Replacement Pad for Hammerhead/Piranha Algae Magnet

Algae Free Llc

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Far from your run-of-the-mill magnet, Algae Free uses Neodymium, a rare earth magnet, to create what are widely considered the strongest and most effective aquarium cleaning magnets on the market. The inner assemblies of their magnets are non-toxic and can be left inside of your aquarium at all times without ever rusting. The replaceable natural felt pad on the outer assembly is glass and acrylic safe and the magnets float so you’ll never have to fish it out of your substrate

For all Algae Free Piranha Float and Hammerhead Float cleaners

Each acrylic replacement pad kit contains:

  • (1) Adhesive-backed natural felt pad for protection on outer surfaces of acrylic tanks
  • (3) 9" x 5" acrylic-safe interior scrubbing pads (makes 12 Piranha Float or 12 Hammerhead Float pads)
  • (1) Self-adhesive, non-toxic pad for holding acrylic-safe scrubbing pads on interior assembly
  • #AF73224