TOM Aquarium Flow Meter for Freshwater Aquariums

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TOM Aquarium Flow Meter for Freshwater Aquariums

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For Use with Canister Filters and Pond Filters

Measures Flow Rate: 200gph – 500gph (757 l/h – 1900 l/h) Displays Instantaneous Velocity Accepts 1″ Hose or 1-1/4″ Hard Piping Flow Meter must be positioned upright to work properly.

It enables you to gauge the need for filter maintenance, and it’s for use with a UV sterilizer, wet/dry filter and/or a canister filter.

The flow rate is conveniently indicated by visually checking the position of the float indicator against the graduated flow scale. Read the flow rate by aligning the red line located on the float indicator to the corresponding number on the flow scale.

It is important to know the flow rate when using a canister filter or pond filter. A reduction of water flow is a strong indicator for the need for filter maintenance.

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