Thrive Complete + Specialty Liquid Fertilizer


  • Thrive+ is a truly comprehensive supplement for planted aquariums
  •  Thrive+ is specially designed for high tech, low ph (7ph or under) tanks. 
  •  It contains two forms of nitrogen for faster uptake and better growth.
  •  Provides the necessary macro and micro nutrients
  •  Highly concentrated all in one fertilizer
  •  500ml pump top bottle
  •  Treats 2500 gallons

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Thrive All In One Fertilizer


Elevate your aquatic gardening experience with Thrive Complete + Specialty Liquid Fertilizer. Dive into the world of vibrant underwater landscapes as our carefully formulated solution provides essential nutrients for optimal growth and vitality of your aquatic plants.

Thrive Complete is not just a fertilizer; it’s a comprehensive approach to aquatic plant care. Specially crafted with a unique blend of nutrients, including specialized ingredients for targeted nourishment, this liquid fertilizer is a game-changer for both beginners and experienced aquascapers. Whether you have lush aquatic carpets, delicate ferns, or vibrant stem plants, Thrive Complete supports robust root development, lush foliage, and overall plant well-being.

Easy to apply and fast-acting, Thrive Complete simplifies the task of nourishing your aquatic plants. Watch your underwater garden thrive as this specialty fertilizer promotes resilience, helping your plants withstand the unique challenges of aquatic environments. Trust Thrive Complete for a flourishing aquatic oasis that reflects your dedication to quality plant care.

Thrive+ is a comprehensive supplement for freshwater planted aquarium.  It contains all the necessary micro and macro nutrients essential for healthy flora.

Thrive+ contains higher levels of iron then its predecessor, as well as nitrogen in both its nitrate and organic forms for increased growth.

It is specially formulated for tanks with a ph under 7.

If you have soft water or are using RO/DI water you should also be using a GH booster to ensure proper magnesium and calcium levels.


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Looking to enhance the vitality of your underwater garden? Look no further than Thrive Aquatic Plant Food, available at Wet Pet Supply! Our premium-grade plant food is meticulously formulated to provide your aquatic flora with the essential nutrients they need to thrive and flourish. Why choose Thrive Plant Food from Wet Pet Supply? Here's why:
  1. Nutrient-Rich Formula: Our plant food is enriched with a balanced blend of macro and micronutrients, ensuring optimal health and growth for your aquatic plants.
  2. Easy to Use: With its liquid form, Thrive Plant Food is effortlessly dispensed into your aquarium, making it convenient for regular dosing without any hassle.
  3. Promotes Vibrant Growth: Watch as your plants respond to our nutrient-rich formula by displaying lush green foliage and robust root development, creating a stunning underwater landscape.
  4. Safe for Fish and Invertebrates: Rest assured, our plant food is formulated to be safe for your aquatic inhabitants, providing them with a healthy and harmonious environment.
  5. Trusted Quality: Wet Pet Supply is committed to providing only the highest quality products for your aquatic hobby. Thrive Plant Food undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its efficacy and safety.
Give your aquatic plants the nourishment they deserve with Thrive Aquatic Plant Food from NilocG Aquatics and sold by Wet Pet Supply. Elevate your underwater oasis to new heights of beauty and vitality!
Thrive All In One Fertilizer


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