PolypLabs Reef Medic Medication  is a highly effective water conditioner used to control external fish parasites present in both marine and freshwater environments. It contains a reef-safe oxidizing agent and is particularly effective against: Marine Ich РCrytpocaryon irritans, Freshwater Ich РIchthyophthirius, and Marine Velvet РAmyloodinium ocellatum.


  • Completely reef-safe
  • Buffered to maintain physiological pH
  • Does not harm invertebrates
  • Does not harm nitrifying bacteria

PolypLabs Reef Medic Medication is completely reef-safe, Buffered to maintain physiological pH. Does not harm invertebrates and does not harm nitrifying bacteria. Many external fish parasites have very similar life cycles. In particular, these parasites have an “attached stage (trophonts), a “matured” stage (protomonts, a “reproductive” stage (tomonts), and a “free-swimming” stage (theronts/dinospores).

Most available treatments do not target the free-swimming stage of the parasite which is one of the primarily difficulties in dealing with these problems. Research with dilated protozoans has shown that the “free-swimming” stage of parasites have remarkably consistent hatching times. We have engineered our product to be most efficient during this stage. Our conditioner targets the trophont stage of the parasite but is also disrupting the life cycle during the “free-swimming time frame – when the oxidative component in the conditioner is particularly effective against theronts/dinospores.

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Polyplab Coral Food

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