New Life Spectrum UltraRed Small 60g


Unleash the brilliance of your aquatic pets with New Life Spectrum Small fish food. Watch your fish thrive as they relish this delicious, nutrient-rich food, perfect for both marine and freshwater species. Elevate your aquarium experience with New Life UltraRed Small the key to a vibrant and thriving underwater world.

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New Life Spectrum UltraRed Small is a premium fish food formulated to meet the nutritional needs of small freshwater and marine fish.

With a compact pellet size suitable for tiny mouths, this specialized diet offers an array of essential nutrients to support optimal growth, vibrant coloration, and overall health.

Specially formulated enhances their natural colors and promotes overall health.  New Life Spectrum UltraRed Small supports optimal growth and vitality

UltraRED products are loaded with natural sources of beta carotene/astaxanthin to encourage vibrant reds and oranges in your fish without artificial colorants.


New Life International


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