Kold Ster-il Filtration System


Poly Bio-Marine’s Kold Ster-il Water Filter uses ten inch canisters (clear), 3/4″ Npt. Threaded fittings, flows 3.8gpm for approximately 5,000 gallons

This system can provide lower lead, mercury, cadmium levels due to the addition, into the carbon cartridge, of a highly selective charged ceramic.

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Poly Bio-Marine


Kold Ster-il Filtration System Provides Three Separate Methods of Filtration for your Health & Safety.

This unique Filtration System offers the following:

  1. 0.50 micron bonded carbon block also containing a molecular sieve. NSF Approved Last Stage.
  2. Molecular Absorption Disc Media designed to absorb/adsorb heavy metals, volatile organic chemicals, dissolved organic matter, phosphates while flowing 4 gallons per minute.
  3. Fin-L-Filter 0.20 Micron bag filter (U.S. Patent). This second stage filter barrier restricts algae, Giarida Cysts, Cryptosproidium, fungus and E. coli bacteria. Whole House Filtration: Kold Ster-il can provide a constant 4+ Gpm flow rate while meeting NSF quality standards 42, 53, 53b, 61, 63.

Poly Bio-Marine’s Kold Ster-il System also includes schedule 80 PVC fittings, mounting bracket, filter wrench, silicon grease and schematic.

(1st) Molecular Absorption 30/Pk (1µS/cmH20)
(2nd) 0.20µm Filter Bag Fin-L-Filter
(3rd) 0.50µm Rated Carbon For VOC”S & Pesticides
Max. Pressure 90 psig. Max. Temp. 125°F Flow Rate 20 Gpm

Canister #1
(Looking right to left) Fin-L-Filter® Model PMA-50 filled with 30 PMA-50 Discs (3.75″ Diameter) processed in sterile 1.0µ/Siemens/cm (conductivity) water. This provides 20-35% more efficiency in absorbing heavy metals.  Replace this filter medium approx. 150,000 gallons.

Canister #2
(Looking right to left) Fin-L-Filter® Model PSM-50 filled with a single 0.20µm filter bag (18.5″ L x 4.0″ W.) capable of providing a 99.9% (Three log) reduction in particulates. This filter bag will remove free floating bacteria + Giardia cysts & Cryptosporidium. Note: If this filter is to be used on microbiologically unsafe water it must be in conjunction with Chlorine or Chlorine dioxide in a 2.00–3.00 mg/L concentration for viral control and to prevent bacteria growing through filter medium. Replace this filter bag medium after approx. 150,000 gallons volume.

Canister #3
(Looking right to left) Kold Ster-il Canister filled with a 4.62″W. x 20″L. filter cartridge containing polypropylene inner/outer wraps, bonded power activated carbon NSF Rated, polypropylene endcaps and Buna-N gaskets. This filter cartridge is rated for 150,000 gallons @7.0 gpm of greater than 2.0mg/L free available chlorine. In addition this filter will adsorb VOC`s & Pesticides. This cartridge is NSF Certified to trap Giardia & Cryptosporidium cysts via a 99.9% (absolute) 1.00 micron rating.

Important Operating Instructions:
Kold Ster-il Filtration System Operate 60psig. Working pressure with 90psig. Absolute maximum pressure rating. Install an operating pressure reducing valve with a pressure gauge before Kold Ster-il® Filtration System. For VOC & Pesticide adsorption via carbon—do not operate above 85° F. Use silicon grease on all “o” Rings, Endcaps, Top of 0.20µm filter Bag. Use Chlorine or Chlorine dioxide (2.0–3.0mg/L) on microbiologically unsafe or unknown water sources for bacteria & viruses before Kold Ster-il® System filtration. Replace filter media after 150,000 gallons (approx.) or as indicated via water analysis under EPA Standards & Methods of Analysis.


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Poly Bio-Marine
Poly Bio Marine Filters incorporate chemical filtration media, such as activated carbon or other specialized resins. These media effectively remove harmful substances, such as dissolved organic compounds, toxins, and odors from the water. The chemical filtration process helps to maintain optimal water chemistry and promotes a healthy and vibrant marine ecosystem. Poly Bio Marine Filters promote biological filtration by providing a large surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize. These bacteria play a crucial role in breaking down toxic ammonia and nitrite into less harmful nitrate through a process known as the nitrogen cycle. By establishing a healthy biological filtration system, these filters help to stabilize the aquarium's nitrogen cycle and maintain a stable and safe environment for marine organisms.


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