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Part B

Each of Tech CB Part A and Part B is half of a ionically balanced, complete calcium and alkalinity control system for all marine aquariums. When used simultaneously in equal amounts the system will raise both the calcium and buffer level in the aquarium, and is phosphate, nitrate and gluconate free. Containing over 56,000 ppm of cationic calcium, predominately in the form of calcium carbonate, Tech CB will produce an ionic residual with the composition of natural seawater. Each 16-Ounce of Tech CB will treat 1,900-gallon or 7,200 litres. We are finding improved results (i.e. faster growth rates) with this product, over Kalkwasser use alone, with many animals. We think that the constant addition of carbonate ions along with the calcium ions is working better than just adding buffer weekly, and dripping calcium daily.

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