Boyd Enterprises Freshwater Vitachem for Aquarium, 16-Ounce


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Vitachem is a pre-stabilized multi-vitamin that is water and tissue soluble-it’s a revolutionary concept in vitamin supplements for freshwater, saltwater and invertebrates kept in closed systems. Vitachem is excellent for fin regeneration and correcting lateral line disease. Vitachem brings out the natural colors in fish. It has been tested by some of the most experienced breeders, hobbyist and public aquariums for over 20 years producing consistent results like better spawn and growth rates. Vitachem Fresh has 30, naturally occurring extracts from live organisms bonded with amino acids. Shake well, add 1 drop per gallon once a week and several drops in food once daily. Store in a cool, dry place or refrigerate.

  • A complete vitamin supplement
  • Great for Freshwater fish, breeders and inhabitants
  • Intensifies natural colors
  • Promotes increased growth
  • Appetite stimulation

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Boyd Aquatic Enterprises


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