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Introducing NorthFin Arowana Food, the ultimate choice for ensuring your majestic arowana receives the nutrition it deserves. Crafted with premium ingredients and expertly formulated, this food is designed to meet the unique dietary needs of arowanas, supporting their growth, health, and vibrant colors.

NorthFin Arowana Food is meticulously crafted to provide a balanced diet that mimics the natural feeding habits of arowanas. With high-quality protein sources such as whole Antarctic krill, sustainably harvested fish meal, and herring meal, this food promotes muscle development and vitality.

Rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, NorthFin Arowana Food supports immune function and overall well-being. Its carefully selected ingredients enhance digestion and nutrient absorption, reducing the risk of digestive issues and ensuring optimal nutrient utilization.

This food is free from fillers, artificial colors, and preservatives, providing a wholesome diet that promotes the long-term health of your arowana. The slow-sinking pellets encourage natural feeding behavior, allowing your fish to feed comfortably at the surface, mid-water, or bottom of the tank.

Whether you have a juvenile or adult arowana, NorthFin Arowana Food caters to all life stages, offering a comprehensive nutritional solution for your beloved aquatic pet. Trust NorthFin’s dedication to quality and innovation to provide your arowana with the nutrition it needs to thrive.

Experience the difference with NorthFin Arowana Formula, available now at Elevate your arowana’s diet and unlock its full potential with this premium-quality food trusted by aquarists worldwide. Give your arowana the best with NorthFin Arowana Food and witness the beauty and vitality it brings to your aquarium.

  • Northfin Arowana 3mm floating sticks
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    Northfin Arowana 3mm floating sticks