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Lighting for Aquariums

Aquarium lighting comes with many options, from color spectrum to shimmers and dimmers as well as energy saving features. If you are thinking of adding LED lights to your aquarium, consider the color spectrum that is optimal for your aquarium type.
  • Ocean Revive Arctic-T247 and the support services earned numerous positive reviews and reputation on the popular reefing forums Reef2Reef, Reef Central, Nano-Reef, and our US Based Support is unparalleled.
  • Special Full Spectrum layout was developed by fellow reefers of both the US and International reefing community: Royal Blue 450nm, Blue 470nm, Cool White 10000K, 12000K, Red 520nm, Green 660nm and UV 420nm, creating the natural reefing light to reflect vivid color from the corals and fish. 90 degree optics help light to penetrate to the required depth of water.
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