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Innovative Marine Fusion 20g APS Black Stand

Innovative Marine Fusion 20g APS Black Stand

Innovative Marine

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NUVO APS (Aluminum Profile Series) Stand

The NUVO APS stand sets new standard in aquarium furniture.

Aluminum has been a tried and true element for custom commercial stands, because of its versatility, strength, and the fact that it is very light weight. Innovative Marine just brought that technology to the aquarium industry to create a truly singular aesthetic aquarium stand that is modular in construction, easy to set up, and is resistant to corrosion and swelling in both fresh and marine environments.

Finally, an aquarium stand that may actually outlast your aquarium!

    Stand Dimensions:
    23.81” x 15.12”  x 35.81”
    Interior Dimensions:
    20.56” x 11.93”  x 33.75”
    Anodized Aluminum
    Corrosion Resistant
    No Warping or Swelling
    Integrated Hardware
    Easy Set up (semi-assembled)
    Includes hex torque wrench
    Light Weight
    Includes pre-cut Closed Cell PVC Foam boards
    Spacious interior for sumps
    100% recyclable aluminum