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Brand - ESV

ESV B-Ionic® stands for "Balanced Ion Technology;" the foundation upon which ESV’s B-Ionic® Calcium Buffer System, the first ionically balanced two component, was developed in 1995. Through this technology, our products are aimed at maintaining and improving the overall ionic balance of your aquarium water. We offer the ultimate in product quality, consistency, and purity. This is accomplished through rigorous quality control, expert formulation, raw material selection, and product purification. We start by selecting chemicals with extremely low heavy metal impurity levels, which is of most concern. In many cases we choose FCC grade chemicals over USP grade. In those cases, the FCC grade is certified to have less than half the heavy metal (as Pb) content of USP grade. B-Ionic® Reef Keeping (BRK) strives to simplify the science and art of reef maintenance, moving it further away from more complex methods.
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